The whirling is a reference to the spirit's standing with the absolute Truth in its Secret (sirr) ... The circling of its look and thought, and its penetrating the ranks of existing things. ... and his leaping up is a reference to his being drawn from the human station to the station of union. The utilization of the rotation of the earth around the sun, energy imprison in an atom, the body-bound soul’s awaited in a human, might have let men a fortunate state of existence on earth. Live to the length hundred, hundred fifty and more, or to the length of the period needed to complete life. It is related by eminent scholars that there is a deer which for forty days and nights eats neither grass nor thorn but seeks out once or twice sweet-smelling flowers, having passed these forty days in such a purity, it turns its head at the daybreak towards the dawn. And when the dawn exhales its breath it draws that morning breath within itself, when that breath passes into its life’s blood, musk flows from its navel, because of that breath musk is produced from it; and because of that breath it is thought by great multitudes – who in all the world knows of such a breath whereby blood is turned in a single instance into musk?

Since a pure breath can change pure blood into musk, it can also change clay into a living soul.

The body and the soul are united by a compact unequally binding on either, the soul is divine, immortal and aspires to freedom, while the body holds it in fetters as a prisoner, death (metamorphosis, metempsychosis) dissolve the compact, thus the soul continues its journey: alternating between a separate unrestraint existence and fresh reincarnation.



The breath of man which are limited in number, so that when one’s allotted numbers of breaths come to an end,

there ends one’s life as one moves on to the hereafter.

When one’s breath are counted, then what about one’s steps, one’s thoughts and everything else?

The world being multiple by its very nature.

What is the point in looking forward to being free from its attractive poles, rather one

should vigilantly attentive NOW to the presence in the heart, for that is what really counts.

Live in the “present”, at the future flowing into the past, by being here and NOW.


Since unity has manifested there is no longer room for duality

That is the true alchemy which traveler on the Road call

Light of the light of the light

When it shine for a while on an infidel he receive from it a whole world of light

When that light fell upon Pharaoh`s magicians they drew close to God after being so far removed

And when it fall upon the body, that clay becomes a heart and when it fall upon the heart it becomes a pure soul.

When the soul finds that light whithin itself

It regards the two world no longer existent

And when it shine for a wile upon old woman

It makes her like


When the soul is utterly absorbed in that light it utter the words

“ Subhani” and

Anal Hagh


The equation of night with contraction and day with expansion

classifies the light of the light of the light according to threefold division

first comes the weakest light which is the light of the station of the submission and resembles the faint light of the stars;

then comes the stronger light which is the station of faith ( iman ) like the light of the moon,

and finally come the strongest light of all which is the station of spiritual virtue ( ihsan ) like the light of the sun ".

in eternity there is no " you " as when is said ; 

everything depends on the divine will,

which of course would include 

one`s asking.


In the end our only capital is silence and since silence is our everlasting capital,

take on that everlasting coulor that you too may remain,

for our life is renewed every instant it is right to stay awake all instants.

Turn the body into a heart and the heart into a fresh merry pure soul.

It is thus that true men practise alchemy.