What was your name?



Child of?

Neither I have mother nor father. Note, the first orphant of the world of creation.


Name of the place of birth?

The clean heaven.


Place of staying now?

On the soil of earth.


What is that you have put above your kidnee?

It is on consignement.



One day so high where I am the neighbor of God.

Now I am the size of the shadow of my fortune on earth.


Member of the family?

The good and clean Eva, angry Ghabil and the Habil under the soil


The day of your birth?

At a Friday, to my opinion the day of love.



Now darc face, for that one crime


Color of the eye ?

A color as the color of rain that pours from the sky



Neither so light to fly to the sky of the friend, nor so heavy that settle on earth


Of what kind are you?

Half from soil half from God.



Working on growing hope on earth.





Name of lawer?

That too, God.


Your crime?

One apple from the tree of temptation.


Only this?

 Only that.



Exile to earth.


Partner in this crime?

Familiar Eva.


Are you afraid?

A little.


From what?

From wether I become prisoner of earth.


Have anyone come to visit you?

Sometimes only God.


Do you have complain?

No longer complain, but …


But what?

Commandment like this only for one crime?


Are you homesick?



For who?

The only God


Have you brought any documents?

Yes, two drops of tears.


Do you have a guarantee

Yes …



The only one I have is God.


Last defence?

I call Him such as that He grant my benediction.


And when He grant your prayer ?

I stand by 

Here & Now