Barzakh (the next world hereafter) or the world of example is the world maybe reached by Ebdals (changed ones) while still in this world. Barzakh, in a sense, is something that is maintain­ing between two affairs. For example, the distance be­tween two severities and the distance between two waters is called Barzakh. When the human soul separates from the body, while the hardness and easiness of separation de­pends on rightness and wrongness of the deeds during the lifetime, the soul will be settled in a world that is be­tween this world of feeling and the world of futurity, that is Barzakh.

From the point of view of philosophers the existing world is divided into four levels: the first is this material world, this world of body and feeling where we are ac­tually spending our lives. The second level is the world of example or Barzakh. The third level is the world of souls and the fourth level is the world of attributes (qualities) of Exalted God.

The world of body is the world of material that has shape, size, dimension, colour, taste and all the proper­ties of matter like soil, stone, tree and the body of hu­mans. The beings in the world of example (Barzakh) do not have matter but the particularities and attributes of matter like shape, colour and taste.

The human soul after the end of this material life, when completed, will be settled in a fine, delicate, non-material body. Yet, because of similarity to this elemental material body, the non-material body is called the body of ex­ample or the mould of example, that is neither completely immaterial nor merely material, but a kind of perilous (precarious) immaterial situation.

The beings of Barzakh (an interstice, interval between death and resurrection) have an effigy or image of body but have neither matter to occupy space nor mass.  To sense the truth of beings of Barzakh, to understand and to become aware of the world of ex­ ex­ample is not so easy because Barzakh is a level higher than this material world that Barzakh encompasses, and this world we are in is encompassed.  More …

 From the book "Sama'a – Light of the Light of the Light"


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