Ceremony of Sama’a

Dervish oR.jpgThe first part is the performance of the vital and perpetual exercises,  that consists of sunrise salutation movements, eye exercises, dance of the hands, selection of callisthenic, disciplinal exercises (“Varzish Baastaani”,  ancient athletic), the dance of the feet, and asymmetric trembling movements. These are daily exercises that are useful for keeping the body in well-being, good shape and worthy to be able to do the Sama'a. Those are necessarily exercises for preparedness, fitness, connection and the unity of body, mind and spirit. And with the rhythm and the uninterruptible movements they involve, causes human reach to a spiritual accuracy and unite with a power within enabling to determine and recognize the level of self-being and beyond of what one may be. The movements into geometrical figures such as point, line, triangle, square, pentagon, polygon and circle are an aspect of moving constantly from unity to multitude, from point to circle (from appearance to disappearance), and moving from multitude to unity, from circle to point (from disappearance to appearance), and each of these has mysteries and relations with numerical science and sacred geometry of enneagram. In a way the first part presents the seven valleys one must go through to arrive at Sama'a, confronting the reality of true sound.

The second part that is being performed in this presentation is resembling the actual ceremony of Sama'a that occurs at a special place and certain time with the participation of the Moreeds (devotees) and the presence of the Morad (devoted).

This ceremony is an aspect of the Sama'a that is the nourishment of the Divine Lovers, in order to give the participants a description and an idea of what a real Sama'a may be like. It includes "Safa-ye moteghabel", that is reciprocal purification, "Circular walk", that is prayer for mutual spiritual preparation, for permission to receive and to share knowledge and power. Whirling leads to "Letafat-e kheyal", that is subtlety of the thoughts, the thoughts narrow and the imagination becomes subtle, "remembering the union of lovers" and the veil of separation is lifted. In this manner according to the level of the state and the condition of the present participants have arrive at, an aid from above may manifest and the imaginative faculty get empowered from celestial world; the veil of separation get removed and a sight of the world of Example (Barzakh, interstice) may appear and the inner faculties may conceive the world of Malakoot, the world of angles.

For a deeper comprehension studying the book “Sama’a – Light of the Light of the Light” written by Javad  is suggested. The book is available at the events or by www.amazon.com. Conferences, presentations, and practical seminars are given, so that those with interest will have a taste of the nectar of rejoicing.

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