Illustration+txt.jpgSama'a is a word that means "hearing" and its adverbial phrase is the "Dance of Sama'a". That is the movements appears from the hearer of melodious, pleasant and rejoicing sound.

Movement is the origin of all completions and perfections, the sign of intention and the will towards existence, the repulsion of perverseness and deterioration. It is the kindly endeavor and effort that the rejoiced hearer shows so that to be set free from the heaviness of bodyly habituals, pounding the feet to the ground in order to put aside whatever is other than truth, scattering the hands as a sign of the mirth, cheerfulness and joy of the union being obtained and whirl till the heart is committed to the incomparable absolute One, and as being in harmony with existence, ascend to the origin.

In the event that the cheerful sound is heard with utmost rites, humility and presence of the heart, an enter from the sublime world descends to the heart of the hearer. And as it gets empowered, draws the hearer to an involuntary movement, dancing and whirling, in such a manner that the states be in possession of the entered sublime and the motive of the hearer is the enthusiasm of confronting the truth and hearing the celestial secrets. When the movements of the hearer will be the impression of an inward connection to the world above and the intoxication of encountering the absolute beauty and discovery of secrets, that scattering and pounding the feet to the ground is interpreted as the "true Sama'a".                … more