“Sama’a – Light of the Light of the Light”


Sama'a is a word that means "hearing" and its adverbial phrase is the "Dance of Sama'a". That is the movements appears from the hearer of melodious, pleasant and rejoicing sound.


Kiyanaa: meaning “the origin”, is a system of movements and inner work that traces its roots within ancient Persia, a culture that was concerned with the education and development of the complete human being. Yega, the prefix of “Yeganegi” in Farsi  means “unity”, in essence, the unity of body, mind, and spirit.         


A ritual of cultural, moral, artistic, athletic values refers to Zurkhane the House of Strength, the ancient Pahlavani. An exclusiv preview on the everlasting conflict of light and darkness. The rituals have been recognized and widespread within Sufism and Mystecism and has a timeless quality that turn into an ever-fresh affirmation of the life of the spirit in man and function somehow as a secret dynesty.


The ceremony of Sama’a:  The first part is the performance of the vital and perpetual exercises,  that consists of sunrise salutation movements, eye exercises, dance of the hands, selection of callisthenic, disciplinal exercises (“Varzish Baastaani”,  ancient athletic), the dance of the feet, and asymmetric trembling movements. These are daily exercises that are useful for keeping the body in well-being, good shape and worthy to be able to do the Sama'a.     


The Teaching consists of vital exercises, infinity respiration, eye exercises, body discipline, inner development, rhythmical symmetric & asymmetric movements, the method of divided attention and the enchanting whirling Sama’a dance.   


By whirling one could imagine banishing the concerns of the ego through sheer centrifugal force, if the ego weren't so good at slithering into every turn of thought. Learning three sets of movements and watching a fourth, hoping to absorb it, one imagines that there is no more room left in the mind for anything else, yet there are still gaps where shame, inadequacy, impatience and the rest can snake in.


I had seen him some days earlier in a working session leading a circle of men and women of miscellaneous ages and levels and of different nationalities but in unity of inner thought as according to what this silent and intense work implies. No explication of teaching whatsoever. His only directions: observing the movement, learning it visually and beginning with it individually only after the effort of research and personal comprehension.”  


An obligation incumbent on those who seek to preserve a balanced, centered self (moral goodness) is to apply themselves to gaining theoretical as well as practical knowledge – a duty which they should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to neglect so that it may serve the self just as physical exercise is pursued to preserve the health of the body.   (Volume II “Moral Healer’s Handbook”)    


One day, in a place where the soil had no name and at a time of a timeless situation, from 2 kind, 3 generations and 4 pillars, all the famous and fameless birds of the world from each land, village and mountains gathered in a great gathering so that among themselves select a sovereign.         


In the world nothing is bad, everything in its place is good, yet because some are not being put in its place, the name for what is not being put in its place is called bad. Creation is all good, existence is prosperity.